Reservation Cancellation Policy

Our cancelation policy is non-refundable, however, if there is more than 30 calendar days left before your check-in and you can provide a serious ground for your request we will issue full refund for your reservation unless otherwise was agreed in written in between both parties.

The Guest Obligations

  1. Any accommodation booked with Silver City Lettings is holiday or temporary accommodation for the Guest and is NOT their main residence.
  2. All Silver City Lettings properties are strictly No Smoking, a penalty of £200 will be charged for smoking in a Silver City Lettings property.
  3. The use of the accommodation is entirely at the guest risk and no responsibility can be accepted for injury, or loss or damage to guests belongings. Baggage and personal belongings are at the guests risk at all times.
  4. Where the property has been booked by a company or agent on behalf of a third party then the third party shall be disclosed to Silver City Lettings. Furthermore the guest takes full responsibility for the actions of that third party and his/her guests. The guest must ensure that the third party is aware of the terms and conditions of hire.
  5. Under no circumstances may more people than the maximum capacity as detailed on the property description on Silver City Lettings website, occupy a property. Owners reserve the right to refuse admittance if this condition is not observed. In addition, Silver City Lettings reserve the right to refuse or revoke (before or during the let) any bookings from parties that may be in their opinion (and at their sole discretion) be unsuitable for the property concerned.
  6. The guest is responsible for the home and is expected to take reasonable care of it and to respect it and not to behave in a way that might damage or cause harm to either the home you are staying in or neighbouring properties. During your stay please do not leave food lying around which might attract vermin. Where a booking lasts  for 8 weeks or longer an inspection will take place after around 4 weeks. If that inspection is failed because Silver City Lettings have concerns about cleanliness and/or the way the home is being treated than a second inspection will be organised and if that is also failed then housekeepers will be organised at the guest’s expense. Silver City Lettings will also decide at that point if future bookings need to be cancelled. Silver City Lettings decision on the matter will be final and the guest will have no recourse against Silver City Lettings for cancelling future bookings. Any rental paid for future bookings which are cancelled will be reimbursed. If an instance of wilful neglect of a home is discovered, Silver City Lettings reserves the right to terminate a booking immediately and the guest will have no recourse against Silver City Lettings for making that decision. All equipment, utensils etc must be cleaned and put away and the property must be left clean and tidy at the end of the hire period. All locks  should be locked when the property is unattended and when vacated. Windows should also be closed and locked when the property is unoccupied and when you vacate. If communal bins are available near the property, please ensure that all rubbish has been removed when you vacate. If rubbish is collected by the council, then please ensure that as much rubbish as possible (including your food) has been removed on the last collection day before you vacate. Recycling must not be left in the property when you vacate.
  7. If a property is not left by guest in the condition in which they found it, then Silver City Lettings will arrange for trades to clean/repair/replace any damage which has arisen. Costs for excess cleaning will be the entire liability of the guest and in addition to the cleaning fee paid at booking. All damages and breakages are the legal responsibility of the guest and their cost shall be refundable on demand.
  8. All sets of keys should be returned to Silver City Lettings, by 11am on the leaving day. If sets of keys are missing or not returned on time, the  reasonable charges will be made for lost keys. Guests may move into a property at 3pm on the first day of hire and must vacate by 11am on the final day of hire, unless a prior arrangement has been made with Silver City Lettings. Where no prior arrangement has been made and guests either arrive early, or stay late then Silver City Lettings reserve the right to charge extra rental.
  9. Guests must inform Silver City Lettings of any breakages or damage caused to the property during their stay.
  10. It will be indicated on the website whether or not a home is dog friendly. This must be strictly adhered to. If dogs are allowed, you must mention that you want to bring a dog when you book. The cost for bringing a dog is £50/week and and you will be charged a larger refundable damage deposit and need to pay for any excess cleaning cleaning which is required at the end of your stay. You must keep your dog under strict control and it must not be left unattended in a home. Dogs are not permitted in the bedrooms or on any furniture. If the property has a shared or private garden, you must ensure that all dog mess is removed immediately. There is a fine of £200 for bringing an unauthorised dog to stay in a Silver City Lettings home and the dog will need to be removed immediately. Cats are not permitted in Silver City Lettings homes. If you bring an unauthorised cat into a Silver City Lettings home there will be a £200 fine and the cat will need to be removed immediately. You will be responsible for the costs of repairing any damage that your pet causes to the home you are staying in. The costs will be recoverable on demand.
  11. Guests must respect neighbours and not cause undue noise.
  12. Guests will permit the owner or Silver City Lettings (with or without workmen or others) at reasonable times and on reasonable notice to enter and inspect, and if necessary to repair the property or to enter the property without notice in an emergency to repair the property or adjoining premises.
  13. If guests report a fault and Silver City Lettings call out trades-people who discover that no fault exists then the guest will be charged for the tradesmen’s invoice. If an arrangement has been made with guests for access to a property and then access cannot be gained, then guests will be responsible for any tradesmen’s invoices for failure to gain access.
  14. 7 hours of central heating per day from usually 7am-9am and 5pm-9pm (in colder months) is included in the hire cost. If you use gas or electricity excessively during your stay, the owner reserves the right to recover the cost of the excessive use from you.

Breach of Contract

If the guest breaches any of the above terms and conditions the Owners or Agent reserve the right to re-enter the property and terminate the hire period, without prejudice to the other rights and remedies of the owners.